zodiac london

The crystal genesis: From inspiration to collection launch, the creative process behind each piece embodies the refined craftsmanship of our artisans and their commitment to continuously improve the crystal making tradition. It is time to share our secrets to creating a captivatingly lustrous crystal piece. This is in fact a two-step process. First, a molten mixture of glass and lead oxide, added for its decorative properties, durability and refractive effect is marvered and blown into the desired shape. When it cools down, the glass crystal is cut and finished using the same high precision technique in which diamonds are cut to create beautiful, enchanting crystal facets. Create an oasis of comfort with our white marble collection or delight in the lustre of our diamond-cut crystal pieces. Mix and match our roman crystal accents with some swarovski sparkle or evoke the beauty of deeper tones and textures with leather and black marble. Whatever you desire, we guarantee to exceed your expectations.
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