In 1944 the artisan Angelo Schiavon began to dedicate himself totally to his great passion for the silversmith’s art, known in Venice as Arte degli Oresi where for centuries the craft has been practiced both on the lagoon islands and the Treviso hinterland and beyond. The Venetians were also the first who appreciated the creative skills of the young silversmith, who consequently became very successful. He transmitted his passion to his children and developed a family tradition. which in over sixty years has expanded to include a manufacturing plant covering over 10.000 square metres where all the products are designed and created. Today, Schiavon is a prestigious brand-name whose products of timeless beauty are renowned throughout the world. Schiavon’s silver cutlery sets were created to enhance the most refined table settings. Schiavon silver items and tableware collections are proposed in diversified designs in order to suit diversified styles of living. From ultra-refined traditional styles to ultra-modern chic designs.
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