BSD (acronym for Bernardino de Sousa Dias, the founder of our company) sees the light of the day in 1966, as a family company dedicated to the production of blankets. Back in the 80’s, this product – being highly seasonal and facing the competition of the new comer duvet – was abandoned and the whole production structure was reconverted in order to start producing bathroom towels. Since the 90’s, bedroom and kitchen product lines have been a balanced complement to the bedroom offer. Top quality was always the ultimate focus of our founder, who saw the need to create a very firm identity as a differentiating priority. By abiding by this principles, BSD has been able to be one of the most traditional Portuguese companies within the home textiles sector, being present in the main markets, with classic but always contemporary products. Our company works on the high-end product segment, relying on the rigorous selection of raw materials, the undoubtful experience stock acquired during decades and the permanent bet on an exclusive and innovative design.
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