matt royal

After Many Years Of Market Research, Specialized Studies In Mattress Manufacturing And Long Experience, Matt Royal Invests Now In The Development Of Wide Range Of Qualitative, Anatomic And Durable Mattresses Manufactured According To The Latest Technology Developments In Anatomic Support And Hygiene. Matt Royal mattresses and sleep products combine quality and value for the European consumer and high quality hotels seeking comfort, hygiene, anatomic form, natural materials and durability over long-time use. Hand crafted mattresses, support bases, beds, toppers, headboards and pillows with natural hypoallergenic, exceptional quality materials such as feather, natural latex, cashmere, hairlok and coconut fiber, all of which create the right environment for a really restful sleep and an even better awakening full of well-being and energy.The success of Matt Royal and its mattresses is based on knowledge and on its tendency for superiority. Everyone believes that luxury is simply the outcome of exceptional work. Each individual product sent to clients has the seal of their personal care and the guarantee of highest quality
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