Bat eye ® has in its genesis a creative, Marco Sousa, who following his graduation and after years of dedication to architecture and passion for cities, felt the need to create furniture that caught in the elements of convergence between art and architecture, transcribing for furniture the forms, movements, gestures and colours that he kept with his eyes. Cities tell stories: we heard them and seize them; we interpret them and recreate that distinct and personal vision. The city conveys life in every corner, in every street that goes unnoticed, even in places where people least expect it. Provoke, stimulat e and seduce these are the attributes present in each Bat eye ®’s piece. The ability to create, to take risks and to assume challenges moves us. Result of our genuine passion for the cities. We challenge the conventional, we take risks and create. In each piece, we awake the emotions of who contemplates it. We want people to keep parts of the cities in their homes. We seek to create collective memories, represented in the form of furniture.
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